Learning Styles

In my last blog post I discussed my strengths and weaknesses. I also touched upon how I plan to develop my skills. Throughout this blog post I want to discuss how I can apply learning techniques that match and benefit my learning style.

There is actually a test that helps you identify what “type” of learner you are. All you have to do is answer the multiple choices questions and by the end of it, you understand more about what learning techniques would be beneficiary to yourself.

Test can be taken here; 


Here are the results that I was given from the test linked above…

Screenshot 2019-10-11 at 16.47.11

I have always know that I was a strong “hands on” and “visual” learner but I didn’t quite realise that I was also an “intuitive” or “Sequential” learner. Also I presumed until recently, that a person could only be one type of learner.

If you would like to read about what each learning style means then ‘University of Waterloo’ have a great and easy to read article that explains each one in detail helps you understand the differences. Click the link below to read the ‘Understanding your learning style’ article


Now that I know what exactly what type of learner I am, this helps me use certain techniques that will help me understand and develop skills in all areas that I’d like to improve on. For example; being a strong active learner will allow me to learn quicker when working on practical production skills. Also active learners also benefit from discussing information as it helps you process the information, and you can get other peoples knowledge. Being a visual learner ties into practical skill building as well as theory with being able to watch the process of how something is done, it also allows you to learn more things from diagrams, drawings and visual based material.

So in conclusion when you know and are able to identify what type of learner you are, you are able to find techniques that aid you not only in studying but in the work place too.


I highly suggest you take the test for yourself and see just how much more you can profit and gain just from knowing exactly what your learning style is.


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