Going back to why I took an interest in the film industry.

So my interest started when I was a very young child, when I would watch films with my family or friends. Looking back I remember that I always had more of an interest on how the film was made rather than the film itself. My interest lead me to do some research on films that I enjoyed, I would google for example “Mrs Doubtfire Behind The Scenes”. Once I watched the process, I was fascinated.

Fast forward a few years to when I was eight years old and I saw this group of teenagers filming outside in my friend’s neighbourhood. It wasn’t until they asked me to help them and I saw that they had written a script and had their own camera that I realised that you didn’t have to be American or rich to make films (clearly I wasn’t the smartest child).

Anyway it was a lot of fun even though I had no idea what I was doing. So as soon as I got home from helping them I jumped onto my computer and started writing a script. Now… at the time I had no idea how a script was laid out or that there was a “specific” way to write a script. So because I didn’t have that knowledge, the script wasn’t great. At the time I thought it was the greatest thing ever. However when I look at it now it makes me want to throw up. You know when you look at old photos of yourself and you gag? yeah that’s how it makes me feel when I stumble upon it all these years later. 

After that I decided that working within the film industry was what I wanted to do. I would research endlessly about all the different roles in a crew and how to write scripts and took countless online courses for Media. Then fast forward to my last year in high school I was bombarded with questions from teachers about what I was going to do once I left. I had no idea. Where do I start? What do I need education wise to work in film/television? the biggest question I asked was “how do I runaway to San Francisco?” but thats something I am still working on.

Then an amazing teacher helped me discover the ‘SAE Institute’ a creative media education college. Once I did the research I needed to, I fell in love with what they had to offer. Then when I found out I was accepted I was on cloud nine. Now being here, I feel like I am on the right path and if the eight year old version of me could see me now she would be really proud.